Fender Stratocasters by Model

Both this section, Strats by Model, and the section titled Strats by Year, are ongoing projects. New information is constantly coming to light, as are new and better example photos. If you are searching for information about a model that does not appear in either section, please check back again from time to time. Also, note that at present, the models covered in both sections are limited to those made in the U.S.

Pre-FMIC (1954-1985)

For information about Stratocasters manufactured between 1954 and 1985, please see Strats by Year.

The ’80s (non-Custom Shop)

The STRAT (1980-83)
Jimi Hendrix Prototype Stratocaster (1980)
Standard (“Dan Smith”) Stratocaster (1981-83)
Gold/Gold Stratocaster (1981-83)
Walnut STRAT (1981-83)
International Color Stratocasters (1981)
’57 American Vintage Reissue (1982-Present)
’62 American Vintage Reissue (1982-Present)
Standard Stratocaster (2nd version) (1983-85)
Elite Stratocaster (1983-84)
Gold Elite Stratocaster (1983-84)
Walnut Elite Stratocaster (1983-84)
Marble (Bowling Ball) Stratocaster (1984)
American Standard Stratocaster (1986-2000)
Strat Plus (1987-1999)
Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster (1988-Present)
Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Stratocaster (1988-Present)
Deluxe Strat Plus (1989-1999)
HM (Heavey Metal) Series Stratocaster (1989-1992)

The ’80s (Custom Shop)

Homer Haynes Limited Edition (HLE) Stratocaster (1988)
35th Anniversary Stratocaster (1989 – 1991)

The ’90s (non-Custom Shop)


The ’90s (Custom Shop)