International Color Stratocaster (1981)

Model info: It can be argued whether or not the International Color Stratocasters from 1981 should be considered a “model” or simply a finish/color variation as the only thing to distinguish them from other assembly line Stratocasters (not STRATs) from 1981 was their finish and the fact that they used black plastic for the pickup covers and Volume/Tone knobs. One of them does stand out from the crowd, however. The Sahara Taupe edition had a 4-bolt neck attachment and no bullet truss rod adjustment and some believe it was a remnant from the run of 1979 25th Stratocaster Anniversary guitars.

What were the International Colors? Answer: Arctic White, Morocco Red, Maui Blue, Monaco Yellow, Capri Orange, Sahara Taupe, and Cathay Ebony.


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