’62 American Vintage Reissue Stratocaster (1982 – Present)

Model info: Designed after the 1962 version of the Stratocaster (slab to non-slab transition year), the 1982 ’62 American Vintage Reissue, produced both in Japan and at the U.S. Fullerton plant, was Fender’s other look to the past (a companion to the ’57 American Vintage Reisue). Features included a 21-fret maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, vintage-size frets, alder body, white pickguard, 3 American Vintage single coil pickups, 3-position pickup selector switch installed (5-position replacement included), 7.25″ neck radius, and vintage-style vibrato/bridge. Available in Black, Candy Apple Red, Fiesta Red, 3-Tone Sunburst, Vintage White, and Ocean Turquoise.

Though the Fender-CBS period was just about to end (1985), 1982 was an important year for Fender as both the Standard (“Dan Smith”) Stratocaster, which a few years later (1986) would become Fender’s flagship American Standard, and the two American Vintage Reissues (’57 and ’62), were introduced to a public hungry for the pre-CBS Stratocaster.

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