Standard Stratocaster (2nd Version) (1983-1985)

Model info: In a further effort to improve the bottom line, CBS sought means to cut production costs, which resulted in a somewhat radical re-design of the Standard (“Dan Smith”) Stratocaster, including eliminating one of the Tone knobs and eliminating the metal cord receptor (the cord attached at a right angle to the body on this model). It also used a new tremolo system called the Freeflyte that was surface mounted and eliminated the need for a backside tremolo cavity.

Though the Fender-CBS period was just about to end (1985), 1982 was an important year for Fender as both the Standard (“Dan Smith”) Stratocaster, which a few years later (1986) would become Fender’s flagship American Standard, and the two American Vintage Reissues (’57 and ’62), were introduced to a public hungry for the pre-CBS Stratocaster.


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